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Strapping System
Bump Rollcase

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Bump Rollcase

The L-M Bump Rollcase is an integral part of package cutting. Hydraulically powered bed rollers are driven to pound the package of lumber against a reinforced steel face, to flush up one end, and either eliminate or reduce end trims. The bump is fabricated as one complete unit, to make installation convenient on an existing concrete slab. Heavy construction and back up supports, ensure a square and flush operation.

This bump is also available as double end, to break loose frozen or stubborn packages.

Standard Features:

  • Heavy duty construction to withstand the shock load of the largest packages

  • Steel pipe back up rollers are mounted using solid steel bearings to form a square alignment fence

  • Precision machined bed rollers ensures the most accurate and square bumping process

  • High yield solid steel shafting along with pillow block bearings, mount the bed rollers in place

  • Hollow Section Structural Steel (HSS) is extremely strong and rigid as well as aesthetically appealing

  • Fabricated and shipped as one unit for easy installation and start up

  • The bump rollcase can be installed onto an existing concrete floor

  • A steel box at the end of each bumper is to be filled with 2.5 cubic yards of concrete, after installation, to accumulate solid mass, which will improve the bumping process

  • Heavy steel deflector shields are located to protect the pillow block bearings

  • Steel channel guides can be installed to guide the straps around the package

  • 15HP, 20GPM, 40 gallon resevoir hydraulic unit, is used to power the bed rollers

  • The Double End Bumper is recommended to process frozen packages.

L-M Equipment offers a wide range of custom manufactured material handling systems. This new design incorporates a Bump Rollcase , Automatic Polyester Strapping System with Side Squeeze, Outfeed Rollcase Chain Transfer and Self Centering Dunnage Placement Device.

This unique system can be used as a stand alone system for package preparation, or can be incorporated into an existing line. It is an economical system, capable of strapping dunnaged and non-dunnaged packages. This new system was designed to compliment our existing line of Package Cross Cut Systems.

Strapping System

L-M Bump Rollcase With Strapping System - A State-of-the-Art System designed to square and strap your lumber packages, with the option of attaching dunnage crossers

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