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The L-M Heavy Duty Chop Saws are available in a variety of different styles.

A uniquely designed Gravity Log Hold Down is incorporated to hold the log

in place while it is being cut. This assures a safer and faster cutting cycle.

Standard Features:

  • 36” to 84” diameter saw blades to cut logs from 13” to 32” diameter

  • Heavy duty and rigid design to ensure long life and quick cycle times

  • 30HP to 100HP 220V/460V/575V 3 phase TEFC cast iron saw motors

  • Hydraulic cylinders with or without temposonic probe. Air operated optional

  • Complete hydraulic control packages are available for single or multiple saw applications

  • Balanced saw ladder with gravity log hold downs, requires no additional controls to cycle log clamps

  • Safty lock out device to lock out the saw ladder in either the up or down position

  • A uniquely designed saw arbor that incorporates a saw blade change sleave to prevent damaged threads

Another model offers a fully shrouded hold down and guard for added protection. Having the hold down incorporated into the saw ladder, saves cycle time, once you stop the log, you can start the cut cycle, no need to wait for a log clamp to position itself.

Circular Saw 

L-M Heavy Duty Chop Saws

Deck Saw

The L-M Deck Cut Off Saws are used in all types of heavy duty applications, using 3/4" pitch or .404" pitch saw chain. These deck saws are a proven design and have been manufactured since 1957, with thousands in operation world wide.

The saw bar length ranges from 3' to 12' long and can be used to cut many different types of material, such as oversize, crooked or defective logs, firewood, fence posts, cants, railway ties, large plastic pipe and much more. We manufacture the saw bars ourselves and offer a refurbishing program, which is a fraction of the cost of purchasing new bars.

These deck saws have on-board self contained hydraulic units to actuate the saw bar and can be used in both manual situations, or remotely operated.

Side shift bases are available for shifting purposes as well as retract, to pull the saw away from your log conveyor.

Standard Features:

  • Electric bar lengths available from 3 ft to 12 ft.

  • Electric chain drive from 7.5 HP to 40 HP

  • Automatic saw chain lubrication system

  • Quick tension spring loaded chain take-up assembly

  • 1 HP on board hydraulic power unit to actuate the saw bar

  • 3/4 pitch and .404 pitch saw chains

  • Gas powered models are available

New Hold Down Saw Guard. A Safer Way To Operate!

Circular Saw
Deck Saw

Log Cut Off Saws

Leading the way since 1957


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