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Paper Roll Saw 

L-M Equipment Pioneered the Paper Roll Saw, and has numerous installations world wide.

Cut off damaged ends, or split rolls for recycling.

The L-M Model PS150-7-404 Paper Roll Saw is a unique machine designed to salvage damaged Paper Rolls. A common problem in the industry is having damaged ends and not being able to rewind, simply place the roll on the saw, and trim off 6", now you are able to rewind your rolls. If you have rolls that are to long to put through your guillotine, simply split them in half to make them shorter. Rolls can also be place on the machine lengthwise to split them guillotine style. Average time to cut a 60” roll = 5 Minutes

A special design carbide saw chain is used in this application to cut liner board, kraft, newsprint, coated papers and many more type. With the cost of paper, the pay back on this machine is very quick. An optional dust collection system is available to reduce the paper dust.

  • 15HP Heavy duty forgiving saw drive assembly, engineered to minimize chain breakage

  • 2HP hydraulic power unit to actuate the saw through the cut

  • 18” of side shifting travel to ensure precise placement of the cut

  • Large plexiglass operators safety shield

  • Aluminum following guide/guard, guides the bar into the cut and protects against flying debris

  • Heavy duty construction with reinforced back bracing for easy loading

  • 60” maximum roll diameter, larger capacities are available

  • Compact design to minimize floor space and simplify installation

  • Optional dust collection systems are available

The L-M Heavy Duty Chain Saw Log Splitter is an economical way to take your large oversize logs and turn them into manageable sizes. Split, Quarter, Cants, or make boards, the choice is yours!

The saw head travels up and down to position the cut exactly where you want it. The hydraulically driven self propelled carriage, is driven along tracks to split your longest logs.

The model 300 uses a 30HP electric motor to power the saw chain through the cut, and will split logs up to 8' in diameter.

The Model 200 is powered by a 20HP motor and splits logs up to 5' diameter. This splitter is also available in self contained Diesel Powered.

Standard Features:

  • The saw head raises and lowers hydraulically, to position an accurate cut without raising the log.

  • An onboard pressure compensated hydraulic unit powers the self-propelled saw carriage assembly.

  • Automatic chain lubrication system to lubricate the saw bar and saw chain to minimize wear.

  • Quick tension spring loaded take up assembly to keep proper tension on the saw chain.

  • Heavy duty rigid construction to withstand a full production schedule.

  • All electrical components, motor starters and start/stop buttons are pre-wired and mounted on the saw.

Chain Saw Log Splitter

Model 300-10DE - Model 200-7DE

This new air operated saw uses foot pedal controls for fast cycle times and operator safety. Available as a stand alone unit, to replace your old worn out saw, or complete with infeed and outfeed tables with adjustable stops.

Like every piece of equipment that L-M manufactures, the high speed trim saw is built heavy – heavier than required.


  • Reduced Maintenance

  • Increased Production

  • Long Life

  • Increased Profit

Trim Saw

L-M Heavy Duty High Speed Trim Saw.

Designed to cut cants and flitches up to 6” x 12”.


L-M Model B42 Heavy Duty Vertical Resaw

The B42 Vertical Resaw has been a proven work horse for cutting cedar roof shingles for well over 25 years.

We have taken the proven design and with very few modifications, enhanced it to accommodate the market for ripping cants, boards, stringers and other wood products that requires a heavy duty vertical cutting system.

Powered by a 15HP electric motor and using a 1-3/4” wide x 1/16” kerf saw blade, this saw is built to perform day in and day out. It can also be equipped with power feed rollers and infeed/outfeed tables.

Combined with the newest type of saw bar material and stellite rails, our saw bars are hard to beat.
Call to find out the savings on refurbishing... any and all types!

At L-M we work hard with our suppliers to pass the most competitive prices onto our customers. We stock tens of thousands of dollars worth of saw chain, sharpening equipment, saw bars, etc. to better serve our customers.

Saw Bars & Chain

At L-M Equipment we manufacture and refurbish all brands and types of saw bars.
Our saw bar technicians have over 40 years experience!

Carlton Saw Chain Distributor

3/4" Pitch, .404" Pitch, 3/8" Pitch
Carbide Tipped

Drive Sprockets for 3/4" Pitch and .404" Pitch Saw Chain

Double End, Beaver Tail, Stellite Rails
3/4" or .404" Pitch

Ceramic Borazon and Diamond and Standard Grinding Wheels

Saw Bars, all brands at an
economical price!

Carbide Saw Chain is available for many different applications

More Products

Chain Saw Log Splitter
Trim Saw
Saw Bars & Chain
Paper Roll Saw

Leading the way since 1957


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