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Model HMPC-7-24 Traveling Arch Saw
This model of Package Cross Cut Saw offers incredible value, for a stationary turn key system. With a cutting tolerance of +-1/16" and a beautiful surface finish, even the smallest pallet manufacturer could justify the expense with the tremendous pay back calculation. Huge Labor savings. One person could process a 16' lift in 10 minutes or less!

This Hydraulically controlled system uses a STEEL arch to guide the 7' long stellite inlaid saw bar through the package of lumber with amazing ease. Once the operator presses the saw cut lever, the saw will cut through automatically until it reached the bottom, it will then shut the saw motor off and wait to be raised, using the hydraulic cylinder. Another hydraulic valve is used to move the saw carriage to the next cut location. This system also offers a laser light to indicate saw cut position, as well as digital readout system.

Standard Features:

  • Steel Guide Arch, with rigid bottom mounting support

  • 15HP 220/460/575 Volt TEFC Electric Saw Motor

  • 2HP Hydraulic Unit Motor

  • Hydraulic Controls for saw cutting, and cut positioning

  • Heavy Duty Steel Construction

  • 7’ DE Stellite inlaid saw bar

  • Automatic saw chain lubrication system

  • Standard .404 Pitch saw chain with 5/16” Kerf

  • Safety sheilds for operator protection

  • All components are high quality, locally available

Traveling Arch Saw 

- Hydraulically Controlled - No Manual Cutting!


  • Laser light to indicate saw cut position

  • Electronic digital length measurerment

  • Hydraulic fluid heater

  • Waste conveyor system

  • End plate, to help square package ends


  • 48” High x 52” Wide

  • 18’ Lg. Max. HMPC-7-24

  • 20’ Lg. Max. HMPC-7-26

Portable Yard Saw 

The L-M Portable Yard Saws are the most popular portable saws manufactured in North America, with well over 300 machines in operation world wide.

These durable saws are mounted on three wheels, and offer a standard 3" side shift for ease of operation. The side shift allows the operator to line up on the mark without having to physically move the saw over, simply pull on the handle and lock it in place. Heavy bumpers are mounted on the front to hold the saw square to the lumber package, once it is square, a positive lock brake system will hold the saw in place until your cut is complete.

Standard Features:

  • 3” Side Shift Travel for easy precise placement

  • Very rigid and solid construction, built to last

  • Mounted on three wheels makes for easy moving and no lifting required for the operators

  • High yield titanium carbide alloy saw bar to ensure longevity

  • Standard .404 pitch saw chain with 3/8” Kerf

  • An engineered drive assembly to allow forgiveness, when pinching or binding takes place, which helps avoid chain breakage

  • Positive locking brake system

The Model 100MP-7-SS is powered using
a 10HP 3 Phase 220V, 460V or 575V electric motor.

  • 10HP 220/460/575 Volt TEFC 3 Phase Motors

  • 15HP available for hardwood applications

  • Automatic saw chain lubrication system

  • Large Capacity Chain oiler resevoir

  • Quick tension chain take up assembly

  • Aluminum guard/following guide

  • Package capacity 48” high x 52” wide

  • Larger capacities available upon request

The Model 200MP-7-SS is powered by a 20HP Honda 4 stroke electric start engine, using a centrifugal clutch to stop the saw chain at idle.

  • 20HP Electric start, Honda gasoline engine

  • 4 Stroke quiet engine, straight gas, no mixing

  • Centrifugal clutch to stop saw chain at idle

  • Large capacity gasoline fuel tank

  • 12” Pneumatic or solid rubber tires

  • Quick tension chain take up assembly

  • Package capacity 48” high x 52” Wide

  • Larger capacities available upon request

Standard Features and Specifications

  • Flexible design to accomodate cutting capacity from 20 to 60 foot and longer

  • Multiple package loading for increased production

  • Precision linear bearing guide system to ensure longevity and accuracy

  • 15HP Heavy duty engineered saw drive assembly

  • Positive package hold down mechanism, with built in saw guard

  • Industry standard .404 pitch saw chain with 5/16” kerf

  • Maximum guarding for operators protection

  • Heavy duty ridgid construction

  • Hydraulically operated

I-CUT System

MODEL 30-HM. Newest technology to achieve consistent accuracy

Our newest design, with a cutting tolerance of +- 1/32”

I-Joists, Structural Components, Studs, Pallet Stock, Fencing and More!


  • Laser light

  • Electronic length measuring

  • FACT cutting technology

  • Auto cut cycle

  • Fully automated PLC controls

  • Operator weather protection

  • Built in waste conveyors

  • Hydraulic fluid heater

Cutting Capabilities

48” High x 52” Wide , Unlimited length

Verticut with Carriage system using manual operated controls is the most competitively priced turn key system still offering the P.E.T. cutting tolerance of +- 1/32" with the incredible surface finish. The operator uses a laser light or digital readout system to position the package for the correct cut location, he then presses the cut button, the saw will proceed with the cut and shut down once it is through the package. The operator can then activate the package lift to open up the kerf, and allow a clear path for the saw to raise. Once the operator raises the saw, the package can then be positioned for the next cut.

This system should be your first choice, for a high production, extremely accurate and most competitively priced turn key system on the market today!

Verticut with Carriage

Verticut System with Carriage and Manual Controls

This is the only system that offers wireless remote starting. Another amazing feature is that the operator does NOT have to manually position for the initial first cut.

Two packages can be placed on the carriage at once and programmed for cuts. Depth controlled cutting is also a feature to automatically stop the cut before it cuts through the bottom few boards. The integrated hold down/guard mechanism is extremely important for operator protection.

"FACT" (Fast Advanced Cutting Technology - Patent Pending) cutting will substantially reduce cutting time. The saw will automatically advance to the package at a much greater speed, than cutting speed. When the saw gets to within 2" of the package, it will automatically switch to a slower cutting speed. This is even more beneficial on all lumber packages less than 48" tall.

  • Programmable touch screen for easy operation

  • Remote starting

  • Automatic control system

  • More operator protection and comfort

Verticut P4 System

Our Most Accurate Package Cross Cut System

Verticut P4 Fully Automated System with "FACT" Cutting Technology offers an incredible P.E.T cutting tolerance of +- 1/32" with a finish as good or better than conventional trim saws.

Standard Features:

  • Heavy duty and rigid construction

  • Precision guided verticut saw assembly

  • High yield titanium carbide alloy saw bar with stellite rails to ensure longevity

  • Standard .404 pitch saw chain

  • An engineered drive assembly to allow forgiveness when binding takes place

  • Soft start, push button cutting cycle

  • Built in amp meter to monitor peformance

  • All components available in North America

Verticut Rollcase System

Our Highest Production Package Cross Cut System, With the Most Accurate Cutting Tolerance of +- 1/32"

Available Options:

  • Laser light to indicate cut location

  • Digital length measuring with LED readout

  • Bi-directional infeed package transfer

  • Bi-directional outfeed package transfer

  • Automatic strapping system with side squeeze

  • Automated PLC touch screen programmable

  • Controls for automated cutting

  • Heavy duty construction waste conveyors

  • Side Squeeze for package alignment

  • Hydraulic fluid heater

Package Cross Cut Systems

Portable Yard Saw
Traveling Arch Saw
I-CUT System
Verticut with Carriage
Verticut P4 System
Verticut Rollcase System

Leading the way since 1957


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