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L-M Equipment Co. Ltd. is the leading Package Cross Cut System Manufacturer in North America,

providing a wide variety of cutting solutions for the industry since 1957.

Log's, Boards, Cants, Lumber Packages.... L-M Equipment has a machine to help you process your product.

As we are situated in the Pacific Northwest, it is essential to design equipment to withstand the most aggressive applications. L-M prides itself in manufacturing heavy duty quality products, that have been proven over and over again, to withstand the abuse expected in the lumber industry.

L-M Equipment has been manufacturing quality products for the lumber industry for 50 years. With well over 100 years of machinery experience, all our shop staff are certified trades people who have gone through extensive training and apprenticeship programs. It is one thing to have excellent machinery, but experienced trades people are essential to produce a quality product.

Leading the way since 1957


Celebrating 60 Years!

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